Bikini Bars and Contests

Many girls desire the attention modelling a revealing swimwear gives them. For some, the idea of meeting guys is interest, but in the wake of the rise of the micro bikini another phenomenon has appeared…

bikini winners
Winning contestants lined up

Beach bars throwing contests will also include cash prizes in their competitions, drawing more than just amateurs into the contest. Professional fitness models and bikini models make their living travelling from one bar to the next hoping to win the contest that week. G-strings, thongs, itsy bitsy teeny tops battle it out to be voted the hottest contestant.
Some bikini models have custom attire made, in hopes of winning. Many of those same models will hit 2 or 3 contests in a day! It’s easy to get caught in all the excitement and more than one girl has regreted entering after seeing picture of themselves on the internet. So girls, remember not to get carried away! It may be fun while it lasts but the aftermath can be pretty upsetting.

next door bikini girls
Next-door girls entering

If you’re still interested in these kinds of establishments and events I would have to mention Bikini Contests, Hawaiian Tropic and National Bikini Contest as the most established bikini competitions. Bikinis Sports Bar And Grill is one of the most famous bikini bars in the country.