Black Micro Bikini

Do you have what it takes to wear something this small? When it comes to swimwear, a black micro bikini is as undressed as it gets. The whole idea is to show off as much skin as you possibly can without actually being naked. If you decide to go with this daring style, especially when traveling to a new location for vacation and the like, make sure you check out the local indecency laws. Though their popularity has been growing, many places on the beach do not allow you to wear thongs such as t-backs or g-strings. It's great to be uninhibited and free, but you definitely want to do so within the rules! Black bikinis have always been a popular color choice and wont ever go out of style.
black micro bikini blonde
Black and tan micro bikini

Swimwear has evolved since its inception. In the early 1960ís, many women would consider a short one piece suit to be quite risque. Not surprisingly, it was the Brazilians who first showed off the micro bikinis some 30 years ago. Now they are still the talk of the beach in South America and the rest of the world alike. Recently, they started becoming smaller and smaller, covering only the bare necessities. Women everywhere are opting to wear a black micro bikini not just for its tiny nature but also the sleek look of the black fabric. Black is a color that's flattering for just about everyone which makes it perfect for swimwear.

This very sexy bikini usually consists of a string or a thong style bottom, and a very small, triangle top. The bottom generally rides very low, right at or below your hips. The top is usually a classic cut, just on a much smaller scale. Another great bikini top to pair up with these tiny bottoms is a strapless bandeau. These daring ensembles are not for the faint of heart! Black is still considered the most popular color for swimwear both as a main color and as an accent color such as the one seen below.
tan micro bikini with black trim
Gorgeous thong matching her skin tone with black trim

It's hard work to get the kind of body you need to pull off the micro bikini look. Because of its super-revealing nature, this is a fairly unforgiving style. If your body is not in tip top shape, you might be disappointed in how you look in one of these tiny swimsuits. To look your absolute best in a black micro bikini, don't forget to take care of proper grooming, too. For this style, you really need to be completely bare. For this reason, it's most recommended to visit a spa that offers waxing services, especially for your first time. A professional will make sure it's done in a safe and effective way, and it will be over before you know it.

If you have the nerve, a black micro bikini has a lot benefits including reduced tan lines, and maximum attention! This is a great style for anyone who wants to hit the beach and be seen.